So, you’ve completed an application, what happens next?
  1. Our dedicated Scholarship Coaches will determine your eligibility based on the information provided on your application. Inaccurate or incomplete information may result in loss of eligibility.
  2. If you are eligible for the scholarship, you will receive an Acknowledgement Email and a Unique Upload Link to the email provided on your application. Please keep this link, as you will need to upload documents throughout your contract year. (Please do not share your link.)
  3. Once you receive the Acknowledgement Email, you will need to submit verification of your employment. Eligible scholars must be working a minimum of 20 hours a week for a qualified program.  Notify your coach once you have uploaded your employment verification information.
  4. Once your employment is verified, your coach will contact you to upload your supporting documentation for your coursework. Register for classes and complete a degree plan with your college advisor. Approved areas of study include:


  • Child Development Certificate (state awarded)
  • Child Development Certificate of Achievement – coursework offered by CNM in both English and Spanish
  • Early Childhood Program Administration Certificate of Completion
  • Infant Family Studies Certificate of Achievement
  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education Birth – Age 4
  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education Age 3 – Grade 3
  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education Early Childhood Program Administration Concentration
  • Early Childhood Multicultural Education Infant Family Studies Concentration
  • Social Work (Home Visiting Program)
  • Counseling (Home Visiting Program)

If you have questions about whether your degree plan would be approved, please contact your Scholarship Coach for verification.

  1. Upload a copy of your Class Schedule, Degree Plan and Student ID to your application using the unique upload link provided with the Acknowledgement Email.
  2. Once the documents are uploaded, your scholarship coach will verify the information and send an Authorization Ticket to the college on your behalf. This process can take 5-8 business days; if your college has a drop date, please upload the documents in a timely manner so classes are not dropped.
  3. Please keep in mind that you will not see a payment made on your account until the college has sent us an invoice. Typically, colleges do not invoice us until after the final drop/add date.
  4. If you qualify for reimbursement of books, you will need to upload an itemized If the receipt doesn’t have your name on it, please print your name and student ID on the receipt so it can be quickly identified. You will use the same unique link previously provided to upload these documents. *Please be aware that it may take up to 30 days to process a reimbursement. NOTE:  We do not reimburse textbook charges made to your student account.

Please be aware that all exchanges of documents will be uploaded electronically through your unique upload link that will be provided at the time of the Scholarship Award. Your scholarship does not pay until ALL requested documents have been submitted.  Any emailed documents will result in a delay in processing your information.

Remember to check the SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS PAGE and your email for updates regarding your scholarship.