What documents will I need to submit for my scholarship application?
  • Student Acknowledgement Form 
  • Employment Verification: copy of your most recent paystubs uploaded to your unique link
  • Scholarship Verification: all documents uploaded to your unique link
    • Copy of your degree plan in an approved area
    • Copy of your schedule for the current semester
    • Copy of your Student ID card/number
  • Textbook Reimbursement:
    • Copy of your itemized receipt which includes your full name and student ID number uploaded to your unique link
    • CNM W9 Form emailed directly to cnmW9@cnm.edu
    • Note: We do not reimburse student accounts for textbooks
Textbook Purchase Information:
  • The ECECD Scholarship Program provides textbook assistance to students who are pursuing a Certificate, Associates, or Bachelor’s degree.
    • 100% assistance for students pursuing a Certificate or Associates Degree.
    • 50% assistance for students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Once approved by the Scholarship Coach, students are able to charge their textbooks at their school’s bookstore.  The bill for the books will be sent directly to the ECECD Scholarship Program.
  • Students who purchase their books out-of pocket will need to:
    1. Upload an itemized receipt showing book title, cost, student name, and student ID. Receipts should be uploaded to your unique upload account.
    2. Upload the Textbook Reimbursement Request to your unique upload account.
    3. Complete a CNM W9 form and email it directly to cnmW9@cnm.edu.
  • Please be sure to check the Announcements and Deadlines page for the deadline to request reimbursement for textbooks.