Education based supplemental wages

Supplemental Wage Applications are currently being accepted for January – June 2021 funding cycle. 
  • Click here for a recording of an overview of the Scholarship, Wage Supplement, and Bilingual Incentive Payment Programs as well as the new Scholarship application process.
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  • Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply NOW for the wage supplement. 
  • All applications for the January – June 2021 Wage Supplement period are due by May 31, 2021.
  • Qualified applicants will be required to:
      • upload paystubs for each pay period in January – June.  Do NOT wait until the last minute to upload your paycheck stubs.  Start uploading them NOW.
      • upload a copy of your most recent transcript.
      • submit a W9 Form directly to  Click the link to access the W9 Form.
        • If you have already submitted a W9 to CNM, you do not need to submit another one unless you have had a change in your name, address, or banking information.
  • Last date to upload paychecks for wage supplement consideration is June 11, 2021.
About the program:

The ECECD (Early Childhood Education and Care Department) Wage Supplement Program provides education-based supplemental wages to low-paid teachers, teacher’s assistants, and family childcare home professionals working with children from birth to age five.

The program is open to teachers and teacher’s assistants who work in a New Mexico:
  • state licensed or registered childcare program
  • state-funded Pre-K or Early Pre-K program in a community-based setting
  • Head Start or Early Head Start program
Applicants must meet these additional requirements:
  • have five credit hours of early childhood education classes or
  • have 70 credit hours of well-rounded coursework from a higher education institution
  • earn less than $16.00 an hour
  • work 20 hours a week or more in an approved program
Supplemental Pay Award Information

The program only pays out two times a year:  January and June. 

  • January 1–June 30
  • July 1–December 30

Awarded applicants will receive a supplement based on the regular hours worked during each pay period of the funding cycle.  We formulate early childhood education credits earned by reviewing transcripts of completed coursework. Awards are configured using an internal ECECD wage supplement program scale.  Awarded applicants can increase their supplement if they achieve additional college coursework in early childhood education.

  • Current scholarship and/or wage supplement recipients may be eligible to receive a one-time incentive payment if they are certified bilingual.
  •  One time incentive payment is $1,500.00
  •  Upload a copy of your certification to your scholarship or wage supplement account:
    • passed PRAXIS-TESOL  OR
    • passed La Prueba  OR
    • bilingual seal on High School Diploma   OR
    • Tribal/Pueblo/Nation Certification for indigenous languages
  • If you need help applying for the bilingual incentive payment, please contact your Coach or the ECECD Team