Education based supplemental wages

The ECECD (Early Childhood Education and Care Department) Wage Supplement Program provides education-based supplemental wages to low-paid teachers and teacher’s assistants and family childcare home professionals working with children from birth to age five.

The program is open to teachers and teacher’s assistants who work in:
  • licensed or registered childcare programs 
  • state-funded Pre-K or Early Pre-K programs 
Applicants must meet these additional requirements:
  • have five credit hours of early childhood education classes or
  • have 70 credit hours of well-rounded coursework from a higher education institution
  • have earned less than $16.00 an hour
  • be working 20 hours a week or more

 Supplemental Pay Award Information

The program only pays out two times a year (January and June). The pay periods the supplement amounts calculate from are:

  • January 1–June 30
  • July 1–December 3

Awarded applicants will receive a supplement based on the regular hours worked in two pay periods a year. We will formulate early childhood education credits earned shown by collecting transcripts with regular hours worked. We configure awards using an internal ECECD wage supplement program scale. Awarded applicants can increase their supplement if they achieve more college work in early childhood education.

To apply for the Wage Supplement Program: